Monday, January 31, 2011

The big Purge

I always find moving a great time to get rid of things that I've had for a long time and don't use, don't like anymore or haven't worn in 6 months or so. Since I'm moving in 3 weeks I thought I would start early and get a grip on my purging action. This weekend turned out to be quite successful with getting rid of some items that I don't need. 2 bags of clothes that I can't/don't wear (yay, going vegan has it's perks!) some appliances that involved melting cheese (sorry Rae, I donated my grilled cheese maker *sigh*)an old cat carrier and my huge dining room table that I know won't fit in my new place.

So now that I'm on that road, it made me think about other forms of purging. No I don't mean an eating disorder. A few people I know have mentioned this in the past month and I think I might be doing this as well. Purging of friendships. Ouch! I have done it before, but it has been when something has gone really really wrong and there were no other options. I don't know about kicking them completely out of my life, but they are seriously getting a downgrade on the ladder which is my buddies list.

Do you ever meet with someone and about half an hour in you think to, this is really draining..I could really use a nap! I have a few "friends" that are energy vampires and when I get home I have a headache and all I want to do is crawl under the covers for 4 hours. How do people become these vampires? Do they know they suck the energy right out of people? Do they even care?

So..let this be a month long experiment. Let's see if my purging of the physical junk and my little vampires will be less a burden on my shoulders. I know I have at least one reader, but if there are a few out there that stumble across this and have an opinion I'd love to hear about it! What would you do with these little vampires yourselves? Do you have a purge story?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Book porn

Before I moved to North Van I got rid of more than half my books. A lot of them were old Stephen Kings novels that I had from when I still lived with my parents. (still kicking myself over that, ugh!) As I get ready to move again, I find the collection has doubled. This time the books are a wider range and heavier...of course. Most of them I haven't even read, but the cover looked so damn good I couldn't pass it up. Those publishers sure know what they're doing!

For those of you who share my love of books...not just for looking at but for also reading:

oh lala

Oh ya....I can look at those pictures forever! Makes me want to just construct a makeshift home out of books alone.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Movin' on up!

First post of my new blog! Huzzah! I used to blog quite a bit "back in the day", but it fell to the way side as soon as I rediscovered my love of photography and going outdoors. Now a New Year is upon us and it's cold outside, so here I am!

So I'm moving to East Van. The picture above (*edit - the link to the picture doesn't work anymore [sad face]) kind of hints that I have already moved, but that is actually a picture I will be putting on cards to send to people telling them about my change of address. That's my famous cat "Munch", he's quite the character. I'm sure you'll hear more about him in other posts. Oh and by the way, no, I am not a crazy cat lady. I just like animals ok...OK?

But I digress...back to the story of my move!

I have lived in North Van for over 5 years. I moved there to be closer to a certain someone, but that has since ended and I'm on my way back to civilization. I love it, but it's far away and no one comes to visit much. I'm constantly on transit and I get home late, tired and grumpy. One guy I met at an art function referred going to North Van like crossing the moat to castle.. I'm not too sure what he meant by that, but in my imagination I pictured a prince on a mighty steed trying to cross the moat only to be eaten by a dragon...*sigh*

So right now, this blog will be about my move from the mountain to my new digs in a different, artsy and hopefully awesome part of town! I hope you stick around and hang out with Munch and I as I document it!