Monday, May 30, 2011

Music Monday

My home - Vancouver

I love this video..

Here is a longer time lapse video of Vancouver

I really can't image living anywhere else.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Wednesday evening

While most of the city was watching the Canucks game, my friend Saskia and I went to see the Whitecaps play Toronto FC at Empire Field.

We had a lot of fun and really got into the game. We got the tickets through her work...Canuck place. Let's just say that she is in the bad books right now for taking the tickets, but in her defense, when I don't watch the Canucks they win. So, you're welcome.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The other day after doing the dishes, I tried to shove some mugs back in the cupboard. I moved things around, stacked and shuffled. Then I thought...why do I have so many freakin mugs? It's not like I have 20 people over for coffee on weekends..

So, it got me thinking about my journey to becoming a minimalist and I wrapped some up to bring to work. My work never has enough mugs, glasses or cutlery it seems, so I'm sure I'm doing them a favor. The thing is, the mugs I decided to donate are all COW mugs. "Cow mugs?" you ponder..."what the heck?" Well, I'll tell you what...when I was in high school.. (yes, this is how long I have been carting these suckers around) I mentioned once "I think I like cows". From then hence forthwith and forever everyone bought me everything cow related. Great, thanks.

Now when I see someone trying to be serious in a meeting drinking out of a coffee mug that has a picture of a cat under a cow's udders saying "moo", I just giggle.