Thursday, July 28, 2011


I went for a run last night with a friend. It turned out to be quite an amazing night actually. Just the right temperature to do something physical outside. I actually did a lot better than I thought I would and I'm not sore today...we'll see about tomorrow - haha

We ran past these awesome huge lounge chairs and I decided on the way back I was going to take a nice little rest there. They are quite comfortable actually! And they could fit all your closest friends if need be!

This has nothing to do with my post, but it's my friends band and I've been listening to them today, so you can too!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Yoga was great last night. I warned my friend that I had some pent up energy weighing on me and that I might cry if any of the moves released it. She assured me that it would be ok if that happened, but she might have to pretend that she didn't know me.

While waiting for one class to end and ours to begin I was looking at all the products that they sell. Not only is it a yoga studio, but it also sells clothing, mats, books, teas, some snacks and jewelry and stones. One pendant in particular grabbed my attention. I couldn't stop looking at it. So naturally I bought it - ha! I swapped my pendant that I normally wear with this one and as soon as it hit my skin I felt a huge weight and then a weird tingly pull. Almost like it was trying to do something to the area that I felt blocked. (that area being my heart chakra - go figure) I made a few faces and my friend was laughing at me. I felt energized.

The class started and I made it through until the end when we did our meditation. One single tear rolled dwon my cheek. That's it? hmmmm. I guess I need to work a bit harder...although I think the teacher was being easy on us.

This morning I looked up the meaning of the stone and this is what it had to say:
* Brings good fortune
* Assists in foretelling the future
* Enhances intuition
* Promotes inspiration
* Brings success in love as well as business matters
* Offers protection on land and at sea

It has been worn as an amulet to bring good emotions to the wearer, while protecting those of a sensitive nature. It can reunite lovers who have quarreled. Moonstone is also considered a good luck stone.

Moonstone is a very personal stone. It is a reflection of the person who owns it. It does not add or detract, only shows how it is. This is why the moonstone is said to perceive that which "is". Moonstone is an excellent stone to use in meditation to understand oneself.

Moonstone is used by healers to stimulate the functioning of the pineal gland and balance internal hormone cycles with nature's rhythms. Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. Though often considered to be a woman's stone, it can be beneficial to men in opening the emotional self.

So there you have it.. Yup.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Yo gah!

I start yoga tonight. I've totally missed it these past few years. I guess not enough to actually go back, but hey. haha! My friend that I belly danced with last fall will be going with me. I'm really happy that she found this's actually right by my house! Yippee!

I feel a bit off balance this week. I'm hoping the yoga will fix that. I also got offered a Reiki session, so that would help too I guess.

Have you ever felt that way? I'm totally happy, pretty much stress free, but have this weird weight on my chest. I'm wondering if my body knows something I don't.. maybe it's trying to slow me down or something. I don't know, but it feels weird. Almost like my heart hurts...or somewhere in that area. Ok...not hurts but there is pressure. I don't think I'm explaining it right. No, I don't feel like I'm having a heart attack. I just sigh.


Monday, July 18, 2011


Stagettes are scary

Ok, no I'm kidding...I think. I went to a stagette on the weekend for a friend of a friend. It was "Fairy tales gone wrong".

I was supposed to go to Vancouver Island again for another family function, but decided not to go because of just being there last weekend. I was also invited to a wedding on the sunshine coast, but they left in the middle of the day Friday...which is impossible for me to get off. So, I thought...hey .. free weekend to "git shit doooone". I have a ton of photos that need to be worked on and processed and nothing appealed to me more than staying in my pj's on a rainy day.

By the time I received what felt like the millionth (?) text about the stagette, I thought, fuck it, I'll go. (I had been invited previous, but declined because of the other plans.) So...with no costume I made my way to the party. Wow. Penis pictures everywhere, penis pinata, pin the penis on Tarzan..etc. Hilarious. I even won a prize for the worst costume...the costume costume - haha

Here are the ladies

Yes, that is a limo bus...with a stripper pole.

I've been to a few stagette's in my time, but this was by far the craziest. There were a lot of boobs being flashed out the windows..(not mine)... and we even ran into another stagette happening on a bus. It was a bus full of lesbians. It was amazing.

Music Monday

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music Monday on a Tuesday because I never know the day anymore..


Well, the mama's gone. She called me just now saying she is getting on her flight home. It seemed like quite the fast trip, but I guess she was here for over a week! The good thing about it is that I get to see the whole family (this time my dad's side) in Aug, so I'm not too bummed about her going.

Spending any kind of time with family really lets you see how similar and different you are to them. I am probably split down the middle of my parents. I have my Mom's very quirky sense of humor and my Dad's calm. I think it's actually a very good combo if you ask me!

Ah family..what would I do without them?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Refresh button

wow...sleep does wonders. I feel like a real person again! Last week was so crazy, I'm so glad it's over!

I had a nice trip with the mama to Vancouver Island and feel like a whole new person. Yay!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Be quiet Thursday..

I figure I've talked your ear off enough this week about random dramatic things, so I'll spare you the long winded whiny post and give you pictures to look at. I'm a horrible horrible blogger and forgot to document where I got them, so if they're yours let me know and I'll add it.

I'm off to Vancouver Island with the Mama tomorrow, so have a fabulous weekend kids!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I love myself

And I'm humble too!

I'm on a healing path. I don't really feel like my life is falling apart or anything, but I am a firm believer in "self maintenance". Some people address problems as they arise..and let's be honest sometimes it's unavoidable and you don't see it coming, but since "the drama" is creeping back into my life, I've decided to take a step back and assess. I see the dark cloud over yonder and I'm going to avoid it!

(Stay away from me...yes, even if you're cute! Sad Grey Cloud Felt Broach by Hannahdoodle on etsy)

I've talked about this before and then something has come up and I've gotten distracted. I'm totally going to concentrate on myself...yes, I am. I promise. My mama is in town and I'm going to get in some choice family time. Some healing mama time. It's weird that just hanging out with a family member you haven't seen in a while heals your soul.

I'm also joining yoga again with a friend. This is exactly what I need. I need to concentrate on my breath, my body and my heart. I often do feel things quite clearly and precise, but this past month I've ignored some stuff that I'm not too happy about. I have always listened to my body, my head and my heart and usually they are on the same page, but my energy has scattered. I think yoga will bring everything back into sync.

I've also started to walk to and from work. It is roughly about an hour each way and a perfect way to work out my feelings and thoughts. I have also been going to a lake that is a short walk from my house and journal-ling. Is that a word? It is now. I have been writing everything that comes up...verbal/written diarrhea... I'm talking everything... right down to how I feel about the person that just walked by me on the beach. So funny...wish you could read it, but you aren't going to, but I'm hilarious...take my word for it.

And finally, thinking about the past month, I don't know where the urgency of finding a partner came from. I've decided to step back from that as well. If he's out there and he's for me...I'll meet him. The universe is there for me to tap into and it won't let me down, I know this. No sense making myself crazy over why I'm single. I'm single for a reason and I should enjoy it for now.

So that's it my lovelies! Me time, mama time, family time. aaaah sounds delish!

I also forgot to do Music Monday at the beginning of the week (see! I'm all over the place), so here you go! Enjoy!