Monday, July 18, 2011

Stagettes are scary

Ok, no I'm kidding...I think. I went to a stagette on the weekend for a friend of a friend. It was "Fairy tales gone wrong".

I was supposed to go to Vancouver Island again for another family function, but decided not to go because of just being there last weekend. I was also invited to a wedding on the sunshine coast, but they left in the middle of the day Friday...which is impossible for me to get off. So, I thought...hey .. free weekend to "git shit doooone". I have a ton of photos that need to be worked on and processed and nothing appealed to me more than staying in my pj's on a rainy day.

By the time I received what felt like the millionth (?) text about the stagette, I thought, fuck it, I'll go. (I had been invited previous, but declined because of the other plans.) So...with no costume I made my way to the party. Wow. Penis pictures everywhere, penis pinata, pin the penis on Tarzan..etc. Hilarious. I even won a prize for the worst costume...the costume costume - haha

Here are the ladies

Yes, that is a limo bus...with a stripper pole.

I've been to a few stagette's in my time, but this was by far the craziest. There were a lot of boobs being flashed out the windows..(not mine)... and we even ran into another stagette happening on a bus. It was a bus full of lesbians. It was amazing.


  1. There were no boobs or penises at my stagette...we were a pretty tame little group of gals...sounds like fun though!

  2. yes ma' was so fun. My cheeks and belly hurt from laughing so much ;)