Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I love myself

And I'm humble too!

I'm on a healing path. I don't really feel like my life is falling apart or anything, but I am a firm believer in "self maintenance". Some people address problems as they arise..and let's be honest sometimes it's unavoidable and you don't see it coming, but since "the drama" is creeping back into my life, I've decided to take a step back and assess. I see the dark cloud over yonder and I'm going to avoid it!

(Stay away from me...yes, even if you're cute! Sad Grey Cloud Felt Broach by Hannahdoodle on etsy)

I've talked about this before and then something has come up and I've gotten distracted. I'm totally going to concentrate on myself...yes, I am. I promise. My mama is in town and I'm going to get in some choice family time. Some healing mama time. It's weird that just hanging out with a family member you haven't seen in a while heals your soul.

I'm also joining yoga again with a friend. This is exactly what I need. I need to concentrate on my breath, my body and my heart. I often do feel things quite clearly and precise, but this past month I've ignored some stuff that I'm not too happy about. I have always listened to my body, my head and my heart and usually they are on the same page, but my energy has scattered. I think yoga will bring everything back into sync.

I've also started to walk to and from work. It is roughly about an hour each way and a perfect way to work out my feelings and thoughts. I have also been going to a lake that is a short walk from my house and journal-ling. Is that a word? It is now. I have been writing everything that comes up...verbal/written diarrhea... I'm talking everything... right down to how I feel about the person that just walked by me on the beach. So funny...wish you could read it, but you aren't going to, but I'm hilarious...take my word for it.

And finally, thinking about the past month, I don't know where the urgency of finding a partner came from. I've decided to step back from that as well. If he's out there and he's for me...I'll meet him. The universe is there for me to tap into and it won't let me down, I know this. No sense making myself crazy over why I'm single. I'm single for a reason and I should enjoy it for now.

So that's it my lovelies! Me time, mama time, family time. aaaah sounds delish!

I also forgot to do Music Monday at the beginning of the week (see! I'm all over the place), so here you go! Enjoy!


  1. Yay for you time...when you're ready for whatever comes next, you'll know. I know'll know it when you see it...have fun with your mom (mine is here tomorrow too!)

    PS other people love you too, like me!

  2. Yay for mama time! That's great! Say hi for me.

    I gotta say, I'm pretty lucky in the friend department...all of you have been grrrrreat!

    We really do need to get together though! Let's plan something sooooooooon!