Thursday, June 30, 2011


It's June...almost July...I'm FREEZING. I was all set to see a movie in the park with friends last night (Roman Holiday), but it was canceled due to rain...and cold...serious cold. Me no likey this summer weather so far!

On a better note, I still hooked up with the couple I was going to go to the movie with. We had an awesome visit and they made me a full vegan meal! Look at it!

Ok, bad picture...but it was fettuccine alfredo with smoked mushrooms! YUM! Aaaand we had blackberry shortcake for dessert! I didn't get a picture of that because as soon as it was dished out I vacuumed it up faster than a Dyson.

After dinner we gathered around the computer and analyzed my online dating profile. They approved on most of it, but encouraged me to add a few things. So funny. They met online and are still going strong 2 years into it, so I guess there is still hope for me - ha!

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