Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Well, yes it was a busy weekend. I really wished it was a long weekend...so I could recoup. And then there was the hockey game last night - sigh.

I love Lou, but come on! 4 goals in the first few minutes? eep.

So back to me...I climbed the Chief in Squamish on Sunday. If you know anything about me, you know that the only exercise I really do is walking. I used to be a runner and a swimmer, but the couch was more comfortable. Actually, no that is an exaggeration, but ever since PC and I broke up I kind of gave up on the hiking.

The first 20 minutes of the hike I LITERALLY thought I was going to DIE. I didn't know that the hike would basically be all stairs. This is why I don't do the grouse grind...stairs.

you can't see the stairs in this shot, but I assure you they are there!

My little hungry buddy...he went into my bag for my snacks..

 my backpack full of snacks...my friend Mike had to carry it...it was WAY too heavy for me to lug around the first try...sorry Mike!

Us at the top! I MADE IT!

Since becoming vegan I haven't done any excessive exercise. I've always been super scared that I'm just going to fall down and melt into a puddle. So when I heard we were going to go to the Chief I packed almost every snack I could think of. The best snack for me was dates. Those suckers saved my life. If you ever get the feeling of low blood sugar and need a burst of energy, dates are the only thing you need. They are the most natural form of sugar that will get to your blood steam quickly. My tip to you...enjoy.

Anyhoohaw...today I can barely walk. FU chief. I'll get you.

Other things I did this weekend...

Hung out with my friend Mark and his incredible cute kids. This is me trying to capture them at the Farmers Market. Quick little suckers...

And my friend Alicia and I went to the Sing-a-long for Grease and Grease 2....we only made it for one of them...it started at midnight and I'm 80, so you can only do so much!

Blurry zuko


  1. Okay, so I remember you had almost the same picture a few years ago, but instead of Luongo it was your boyfriend Cloutier. Maybe it's the uniform?!?!

    I've never done the Chief...that looks awesome. Wanna go hiking with me and J? We need to start super easy...

    Let me know when you hang out with Mark and the kiddos again - maybe we can come too. J is always talking about those two like they're best buds who see each other ALL.THE.TIME. Ha.

  2. aw sweet! We usually hang out some Saturday mornings, so if I know ahead of time I will definitely give you a call! That would be so cute to see them all together!

    Poor Cloutier! I miss my boyfriend. sigh.

    Yes! Let's go hiking! Just let me know when you want to head out!