Thursday, June 16, 2011


Well, there you go. Class act. We lose a hockey game and some morons try to torch the city.

My friends and I got off early to watch the game and headed down to a local pub. It was a nice small intimate place and we were really excited. We knew by the second period that it wasn't going our way, but we tried to keep up our spirits.

By the end of the third, we mopped a bit, but decided to hang out at the pub for a final drink and to catch up with each other since the last 3 hours we weren't really talking..only yelling at the screens. One of my friends got an offer to go to Wicked right after and she headed out quickly to catch the curtain rise.

Within 15 minutes we got a picture text from her of a car on fire outside the theater. We were worried, so her fiancé, myself and a few friends headed in that direction to go get her. What we didn't expect was the mass crowds trying to get closer to the flames....who does that?

I hate to admit it, but we hung out and took a few pictures. Although we didn't participate in any of the looting, car burning or throwing things at the cops, we still felt like we weren't helping the situation just standing around, so we decided to move on. At that time the whole crowd shifted and were coming toward us. We were in a somewhat safe place, but were kind of trapped as the cops were trying to disperse the crowd and we didn't want to end up in the middle of it. We hung out against a wall by the theater. That's where I got some of this footage:

This crowd then moved into a gigantic parking lot and proceeded to set two police cars on fire. I didn't see the fire getting started but did see the people jumping on the cars and turning them over.

Since the crowd had moved over to the left we were able to move past them and walk over the Cambie bridge. It took me about an hour to get to a friends house where I watched the tv coverage. I couldn't believe the images I was seeing! It wasn't anything near what I had experienced! I really didn't think it would escalate like that. What a shame.

The good thing about all of this (thanks God there is a good thing) is that the city has come together to clean up these moron's mess. People off the street picking up garbage and washing buildings. Amazing!

Started innocently enough! Go Canucks!

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  1. Stupid. Not you. The rioters. STUPID.

    Thank goodness the city came together this morning and (hopefully) showed the world what we're really like.