Friday, July 26, 2013

I've been a bad girl

Well, I've been bad to be good. I've put in an order for a VITAMIX! There goes all my hard earned money, but I know the benefits will soon pay off.

Everyone I speak to who owns one says that they cannot imagine their life without it. Soooo, we'll see how it goes. The hard part is waiting until it's delivered! I will report on my joyous meeting next week! (ah, I just watched the videos on the website and am MORE excited now!)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Accidentally Vegan

Just found this blog (Accidentally) Vegan through Vegansaurus. Looks pretty good so far!

Take a look! Lots of videos of famous chefs making things vegan...but not calling it vegan - HA!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sweet treat that can beat the summer heat!

Aaaaand it's really simple!

Freeze your favorite grapes and bring them out when you need a cool down or a nice natural treat!

We had these at a BBQ the other day and it really helped to keep our temperature down. (It also helped keep other food in the cooler cold longer - sneaky, I know :)

Dr. Alejandro Junger

I recently started reading "Clean" by Dr. Alejandro Junger. It is an amazing book! I highly recommend it!

Reading his book and watching the below interview tells us that toxins are everywhere. It frightens me to know how many toxins we come in contact with daily. I have tried to eliminate as much as I can by making my own products at home and buying fresh food. I can't say that I eat perfectly everyday, but I can say that I am trying my best!

The best part about this, in my opinion, is that he himself went through what millions of people do. He isn't someone trying to sell you something that he hasn't lived through. He has seen his body deteriorate and has had many symptoms that were unexplainable. I can't tell you how many doctors I have been to that simple just want to throw a pill at me. While trying to diagnose my thyroid issue, many doctors told me to exercise more, don't eat as much and take anti-depressants - and all this without trying to find the root of my symptoms.

If you have a bit of spare time, I urge you to watch the interview. It's roughly 45 minutes, but well worth it!

He also offers a cleanse program if you are interested. Being vegan myself, I find that I live up to a lot (probably not all) of his advice for the cleanse. I think I'm going to design my own personal cleanse using his guidelines. This is what you have to resort to by not being made out of money ;)

Have you read this book or tried this program? Tell me about your experiences!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Time off - what now?

In my adult day job I am a coordinator for the animation industry.. i know, it doesn't sound too adult, but I assure you it isn't all fun and games. (just half the time!)

Those of you who don't know about the animation industry (or entertainment for that matter) we are usually hired on a contract by contract basis that can go from a few weeks to a couple of years. My last contract was for exactly a year and I now find myself with some time off. A LOT of time. I was a bit nervous at first.. what the heck am I going to do with all this time AND with what money? But, I have decided to embrace it and take what the universe is giving me.

Have you ever just gone with the flow? I'm going to just take this summer in stride and see what comes up for me. Now, I'm still going to be adult about a lot of things like paying rent, bills etc., but I've decided to just say 'yes' maybe a bit more often. I find I say no sometimes and think too far ahead; I put limitations on myself. This will kind of be like my summer school.

I definitely want to get in touch with myself again. I find that when I'm busy with work, I put health and balance away until I have time...and when I keep doing that..well, I never get around to taking care of myself. I recently noticed that I have been clenching my jaw and have to constantly remind myself "shoulders down, unclench jaw"! (my yoga instructor would be proud)

(this is me at Breitenbush last year - look how relaxed I am! This is my goal for the WHOLE summer :)

I have started a list of things that I want accomplish and then I will leave the rest up to chance. One of those things is to take more pictures (and work on past projects that have been on the back burner). I have decided to try to do a photo of the day and then a single bigger project per week. I will most likely not post them here, but if you want to spy on what I am doing (or not doing - ahem!), you can look on my photography blog.

Another thing I've started is exercising. I know, scary right? Me.. haha! I go to yoga once a week with my buds, but I find as I am getting older my vegan eating isn't doing everything for me as much as it used to. Now I have to start moving - what a concept, huh? I have started Jillian Michaels "30 day shred". I'm still on level 1 (10 days per level), but am 2 days away from movin' on up to level 2 and I can tell that I have more stamina that before.. it's amazing!

What are your plans for the summer? Do you have any specific goals you want to accomplish? Do you feel like changing anything up in your life?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Natural Deodorant

I found this awesome recipe for natural deodorant on Sew Green last week and gave it a try. I LOVE IT!

If you're like me you hate deodorant for a few reasons; it has SO many weird chemicals AND it gets on your clothes. (or if you pick the wrong brand sometimes it feels like you haven't even applied anything.) With this recipe you stay dry, nothing ends up on your clothes and if you add a essential oil, you smell great!

5-6 tablespoons coconut oil
1/8 cup arrowroot powder
1/8 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup baking soda
Several drops of essential oil [optional]
For people with sensitive skin, you can adjust the baking soda amount. I have heard some people have a slight reaction to too much. (redness or itching)

Mix the powders together in a jar and slowly add the coconut oil until you have a "pomade" consistency and powders are mostly dissolved. Add a few drops of oil until it has a lovely hint of scent. 

You can melt the oil if you wish, but you probably don't have to since it's summer :)

 I used Green Tea essential oil from Escents - UH MAZING.

I had to put it in the fridge to harden it because the oil had completely melted, but you can just leave it on your bathroom counter over night. Depending on the temperature of your bathroom, it should stay a nice firm (but easy to scoop out) texture.

And if you are used to moisturizing with coconut oil already, you know you just scoop it up, rub your hands together to melt it and apply. If you have excess, you can just put it on your arms. With the essential oil I added, it gives me a light scent that smells so good!