Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The other day after doing the dishes, I tried to shove some mugs back in the cupboard. I moved things around, stacked and shuffled. Then I thought...why do I have so many freakin mugs? It's not like I have 20 people over for coffee on weekends..

So, it got me thinking about my journey to becoming a minimalist and I wrapped some up to bring to work. My work never has enough mugs, glasses or cutlery it seems, so I'm sure I'm doing them a favor. The thing is, the mugs I decided to donate are all COW mugs. "Cow mugs?" you ponder..."what the heck?" Well, I'll tell you what...when I was in high school.. (yes, this is how long I have been carting these suckers around) I mentioned once "I think I like cows". From then hence forthwith and forever everyone bought me everything cow related. Great, thanks.

Now when I see someone trying to be serious in a meeting drinking out of a coffee mug that has a picture of a cat under a cow's udders saying "moo", I just giggle.

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  1. Ha! I took some of our mugs to work too...because I never had a mug at my desk and our communal kitchen was gross and scary (my boss has very beautiful mugs that I am welcome to use but terrified I'll break!) I also took three drinking glasses so that I'd drink more water (it worked!)

    You have to be careful when you announce you like something. When I was in London we had books we wrote in when people left (like a year book but different) and I happened to have some butterfly stickers. Then we had a "Queen" party at Hallowe'en and I had nothing to wear, but there were a ton of butterfly clips everywhere in the building, so I got a little crown and clipped butterflies all over my hair and shirt and I was the butterfly queen. I still get butterfly STUFF from my London friends. ALL THE TIME. Ummm...I can't tell you how many I have given away in the last little while.