Thursday, January 27, 2011

Movin' on up!

First post of my new blog! Huzzah! I used to blog quite a bit "back in the day", but it fell to the way side as soon as I rediscovered my love of photography and going outdoors. Now a New Year is upon us and it's cold outside, so here I am!

So I'm moving to East Van. The picture above (*edit - the link to the picture doesn't work anymore [sad face]) kind of hints that I have already moved, but that is actually a picture I will be putting on cards to send to people telling them about my change of address. That's my famous cat "Munch", he's quite the character. I'm sure you'll hear more about him in other posts. Oh and by the way, no, I am not a crazy cat lady. I just like animals ok...OK?

But I digress...back to the story of my move!

I have lived in North Van for over 5 years. I moved there to be closer to a certain someone, but that has since ended and I'm on my way back to civilization. I love it, but it's far away and no one comes to visit much. I'm constantly on transit and I get home late, tired and grumpy. One guy I met at an art function referred going to North Van like crossing the moat to castle.. I'm not too sure what he meant by that, but in my imagination I pictured a prince on a mighty steed trying to cross the moat only to be eaten by a dragon...*sigh*

So right now, this blog will be about my move from the mountain to my new digs in a different, artsy and hopefully awesome part of town! I hope you stick around and hang out with Munch and I as I document it!

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  1. I'll stick around...crappy reasons aside, I'm excited that you're moving closer to us (and yes, it's all about me...that's why you're really moving? right???)

    And I'm adding you back to my side bar.

    And I'm so excited you're back.