Sunday, May 13, 2012

Michael Clarke Duncan

I found this link a few days ago and also saw it on The Discerning Brute. I am SO excited that Michael is vegetarian! This is GREAT news that someone so big and powerful has chosen this lifestyle. It gives me hope that people won't think that everyone who is vegetarian/vegan are wasting away.

The only problem I had with his interview was that he feels relieved that he isn't hurting animals anymore, but when you remain vegetarian (still consuming eggs and dairy products) you are in fact still hurting the animals.

Soapbox moment...turn away if you have to! In order to get milk, you have to keep the mother cows pregnant. Cows aren't just a tap you can turn on whenever you want. Once a calf is born, if it's a male they take it away to be sold for veal and if it is female, she is still taken from the mother, and put into the system of being a producer of milk. The mother cow never sees their baby again. The whole reason for her producing milk is to nourish her calf, but instead it gets pumped from her body for humans. Sad.

I could go on, but I won't.. end soap box moment.

I am still VERY excited that Micheal is vegetarian and hope other big strong men follow in his foot steps! YAY

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