Saturday, June 21, 2014

Burning Man - partie deux

Yup, I'm headed to Burning Man again this year! Although I'm really excited, I'm not going with my bestie that I went with the first time.

I found a great travel partner in her and I know it will be soooo different this year. That being said, I have opened up a new challenge for myself. Getting out of my comfort zone and finding trust in people I barely know. Isn't that what Burning Man is about? Finding myself and getting out there.

I have joined the regional group here and they are a great bunch of people. I camped with a few of them in 2012 and didn't have any problems.

Since I'm a bit wiser on what to bring, I don't think I'm going to bring my good camera this year. Now THAT is going to be quite difficult since I bring it EVERYWHERE I go. I will try to bring a point and shoot, but it won't be the same, quality wise, but I know I won't have to worry about my equipment and won't have to lug around a huge heavy bag (see picture above - look at that damn backpack! - I'm far left)