Friday, February 25, 2011

aaaaaand done!

I am finally done with my old apartment. I met with my old landlord and had a quick (very quick) inspection and handed over the keys.

I was quite stressed about this inspection as my old landlord and I haven't been on the best terms lately. We had a mis-communication last spring and it hadn't been the same since.

I like to pride myself in being the perfect tenant, but I guess I tainted that when I had a leak in my bathroom and asked my landlord to have a look. He eventually came and looked and had to call a plumber to fix it. The knobs to the taps were stripped and I thought that was the main problem, but it turns out it was the actual tap fixture and the plumber just need to go in and tighten a few things.

Sounds simple...maybe half an hours work, but when the plumber finally arrived, my landlord didn't know where to turn off the water, so he called me at work....3 times. I was in meetings that day and didn't answer my phone, so my landlord and the plumber waited for me to call back.. um, that would be expensive, don't you think?

I eventually got out of my meetings that afternoon and called back and I was kind of short with him since he is the landlord and he should know these things....I had no idea where the shut off valve was! He sent the plumber away and went to call the previous owners to see if they knew where it was. (sigh)

Eventually two days later they figured out where the valve was and fixed the taps, but put the old stripped knobs back on. When I got home all I wanted was a bath, but the knobs just kept turning! I was LIVID. I guess I had had a bad day or something, so I wrote him an angry email that he needed to replace the knobs as well. This is where the mis-communication happened. He thought I was accusing him of not fixing anything.

Anyway, we got it sorted that I mean, I went to the hardware store and did it myself. Since then he can't even look me in the eye. He was SO mad that every time I see him he talks to his shoulder or to the wall. Weird.

So back to handing in the keys...I thought he was going to rake me across the coals, but he did a quick look around, signed a cheque and basically shoved me out the door! Ha! I ran to the bank and cashed the cheque immediately! I wasn't going to give him the chance of finding something wrong with the blinds being broken or the hardwood floor being scratched..or...or (a-hem) perfect tenant!

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  1. it's so nice to hand over the keys isn't it?!?! And even more awesome when the inspection goes well! We had a little issued with our last (and final...I hope) landlord and when it was time to move out I was sure he was going to find fault with all kinds of things. I had even gone so far as to print out relevant sections of the tenancy act AND take my dad with me...turns out he was amazed we were out when we said we were going to be out (just after noon on moving day) and most people aren't out until, oh, five or six, at the earliest that he sent us very quickly on our way too. PHEW!