Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The move!

Ok, I have my brain back... well, sort of. The move went better than I expected. The movers were EXCEPTIONAL. They came highly recommended to me and I'm glad I didn't rely on quickly disappearing friends. Why do people disappear when their friends move? It can be a "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" kind of thing! *sigh*

Anyway, the move took a little over 3 hours and the only hiccup was my big couch wouldn't fit past the railing. With a quick phone call to my new landlord, the movers had taken the railing down and the couch was safely inside (and not at the dump, which I had feared would have to happen).

That night I didn't unpack much, just the essentials and Munch and I tried to settle down for a long awaited sleep, but being in a new place with new sounds proved to be hard on both of us. Munch (who had stayed under the covers most of the day) decided that it was at least safe enough to explore since he couldn't hear anyone above us. He did this at 3am... rustle rustle rustle... Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep and decided to get up and go to the old apartment to clean it.

It took most of the afternoon, but I had taken Monday off from work to recoup and I was SO glad I did as Sunday night was much the same as the first night. Rustle rustle rustle... what time is it? *sigh*

Since I took Monday off, I thought I could relax and slowly unpack, but the guilt of not being at work took over (it happens in the entertainment business, need to be working, thinking about working or not sleeping because you should be working or thinking about working) so I tried extra hard to make the day away from work count. I knew my packing the week before would be the bane of my existence and sure enough, that has been the worst part of my move! Remember my packing tip? Ya, don't do that...take time to be organized. Trust me!

Although I have felt a bit under the gun to get the unpacking complete (giving my boxes to other friends that are moving) I can finally say that the hectic part of it is FINALLY over! I can almost see the light!


  1. Hey!

    Glad your move went well...once you're settled (and sleeping again) we'll have to get together. J is going to be a teenager before I see you again at the rate we're going...

  2. Yes! I should be getting a dining room table in the next week or so, so maybe we can have some tea! Or if the weather agrees we can walk to Trout lake! yahoo!

  3. OOOH...tea or the park...both sound awesome...let me know when you're settled!

  4. cool! Can you guys do next weekend? March 5 or 6th???