Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Organized mess

I have always been an organized mess kind of gal. When I was younger my parents threatened to shovel stuff out of my room in order to find the bed. The thing is, if they asked me to find an item, all I did was reach into the abyss of clothes and books and misc. stuff and produce whatever they wanted. See organized.

Now that I'm all grown up, things haven't really changed that much. When I get in the door I put my bag by the kitchen door take my shoes and coat off and put them by the closet..not in the closet (I know!) and the mail promptly goes on to the kitchen counter of which I complain I do not have enough counter space to do anything. Wha? Where did I get that from? And how do I fix it?

I can not tell you how much stuff I have found in little secret places while packing for this move. I think I've always known where it was...scanned it with my eyes over the past 6 years, but now I have to deal with it. Many boxes later I find that I am quite close to being ready to move...but I might ask to borrow my Dad's shovel after all.

With this weekend being taken up with my Grandfather's funeral and visiting with my family back home, it leaves me with 4 days next week before the move. Four days that I have only 2 hours at night because I will be working all day...8 hours...8 hours to finish everything...Well, since I am a mess... excuse me, an organized mess, I'm sure I will get it all done.

Past Chapter (you'll hear about him soon, I promise!) is actually driving me home for the funeral and has even offered to help me move. (I KNOW!) So if anything falls through the cracks he will help me.

Oh new chapter *sigh*

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  1. Past Chapter...

    And I'm just like you. It might not be pretty to look at but I can totally find everything. Unless one of my helpers helps me by "putting stuff away" But the mail, it's in a pile by the phone. And every few weeks I go through it and toss most of it. How we get our bills paid on time is beyond me! And coats in the closet? How does that work...