Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another euthanized dog has come back from the dead

Puppy back from dead <-------- click to watch

I don't know even where to start with this post. Animal cruelty makes me VERY sad. When I was little I would cry if I saw road kill. Actually I still get quite sad if I see a bird or something on the highway or road. ugh...breaks my heart.

The one thing that popped out to me in this video (you'd think it was that the dogs were left outside the shelter, sick and dying...but no!)was that once the dogs were euthanized they were thrown into the dumpster. THROWN INTO A DUMPSTER! I know not every animal can have a proper burial, but throwing anything that used to be alive into a dumpster just makes me so sad. I am mortified. I don't have a solution to what they should do in place of it, but it just seems so barbaric!

Anyway, this one puppy had a happy ending, but that isn't so for millions of other animals. If some animals aren't adopted the shelters put them down at an alarming rate. Spaying or neutering your pets cuts down on the amount of poor pets that go through the shelters.

Also, not buying a pet on a whim! No bunnies for Easter! You hear me?? Those usually end up on UVIC's lawn.. *sigh* ..oh I guess not anymore..

Bye bye Bunnies <--------- click to read article

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