Monday, August 6, 2012

Stress, anxiety and pain - EFT and Tapping

Does your job demand a lot from you? Does your family need you more than you can give? What about socially, do you have time for your friends needs as well as your own? Is this stressing you out?

Is it hard for you to lose any weight? How does this make you feel?

Do you have some aches and pains in your body that just seem to linger? When did they start? Did they appear after an event of some kind?

Your body takes in your life events. If you have had a traumatic experience, your body remembers it and slowly starts to reveal the pain in different ways. From an actual accident to someone verbally abusing you, right down to not dealing with a stressful situation.

Let me give you an example:

Christmas time four years ago my boyfriend at the time and I drove to spend the holidays with my family. The roads were horrible.We ended up hitting black ice and the car spun, fishtailed and we ended up in a ditch about 30 yards away. As we slammed into the ditch I was shoved into the door sideways, very similar to how a hockey player would be shoved into the boards. Since I was tense and sore for about a week after, I didn't notice that I had actually popped out 3 of my ribs in my back. And once my muscles healed, they settled in that position over my popped out ribs. 

Flash forward to few months later. I woke up one morning in crazy pain. I couldn't lift my left arm. I went to my doctor, who examined me and then sent me to physio. LONG story short it took a few months to convince my muscles around the ribs to stop being assholes and let the ribs lie like they were supposed to.

My boyfriend and I broke up two years later and whenever I was least expecting it, the pain in my back would come and usually one or two ribs would pop out. I found this happened when I missed him the most. I was hanging on to that story and I was almost willing the pain back. I was hanging on to something...anything that involved him. My heart was in pain and my body followed. 

This is one example of physical and emotional pain. Your body may heal its wounds, but if you do not address the emotions that surround the situation, the pain can fester and manifest in different ways. 

When you have an event, specific feelings may come up around it. If someone tells you that you screwed something up, you may think you are a failure. If an accident happens, you may think it was your fault. Your body takes that in and the pain starts. Headaches, chronic pain, digestive problems, weight gain, and even rashes..the list goes on and on.

The way I healed my back and actually currently deal with any stressful situation is through EFT. EFT is an abbreviation of 'emotional freedom techniques'. I used tapping to to bring my pain from a level of 8 out of 10 (10 being unbearable) to a 2. I was so astonished! It was AMAZING. From that moment on, I have told anyone who has any kind of pain about it.

Tapping is a lot like acupuncture where you are lightly tapping the acupoints in your body and releasing/changing your energy while saying a set-up statement and follow-up statements. Don't worry too much about the follow-up statements, they will come in time. The main thing you should remember is the set up statement - "Even though I (insert problem), I completely love and accept myself".

I know it may sound hokey, but it works...just try it :) Here is an introduction to the tapping points on your body and some set-up and follow-up statement examples:

Here is another:

Kris Carr is amazing, here is an interview on EFT:

I've started the research ball rolling for you, but there are so many resources on the internet for this. Pick and choose the best for you. Let me know if you try it and how it helped you! I would love to hear your stories!


  1. "The way I healed my back and actually currently deal with any stressful situation is through EFT. EFT is an abbreviation of 'emotional freedom techniques'."

    Yes, EFT actually healed me when I am depressed and stressed. EFT is really awesome :D

    1. Glad to hear that Christine!! Thanks for reading :)