Sunday, March 23, 2014

2014 Book Challenge

Ever have that thought that you should get off the computer and just read a good book? (she says as she's on the computer) I have that feeling quite frequently, so this year I decided to make it reality.

I am going to try to read a book a month, but I'm not going to punish myself if I don't. Some books reel you in and can be finished in a week, others are tedious and a challenge and take over a month. I had been reading a lot on my 20 minute commute to work, but for the past month or so, have been walking the 2 miles to my desk, so sometimes I will be consuming my interests in the form of an audio book.

I'll document the books I read above under 2014 Book Challenge. Want to challenge yourself with me? Have any good books that you want to reccomend? Leave me a comment below.. I'd love to get some great suggestions on what to add to my book pile :)

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