Sunday, March 23, 2014

Birthday present

My birthday was a couple weeks ago and my parents asked what I wanted. They usually scoot me a small amount of cash, but this year they wanted to make it special since it was a milestone bday for me.

I think my mom has always wanted my sister and I to be twins, since she always dressed us alike and have always bought us the same things so that it was "equal". She and my dad bought my sister a charm bracelet and were on the way to buying me one too. I'm surprised she actually asked me what I wanted instead of just buying me the bracelet.

The foodie vegan nerd in me just couldn't get around a charm bracelet. I wanted something for the kitchen. I was sure that they would just laugh at me, but then this arrived in the mail.

Just another sweet baby to add to my brood! 

I'm SO excited!!!!!!!! Oh the things I can make with this sweet machine! The possibilities are overwhelming :)

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