Thursday, April 14, 2011

Vegan Princess

When I first started this blog I had high hopes of it being that blog that you visit every day for tips on what to eat as a vegan...where to shop and what to wear (hahahaha...ooooh, no..not that..I have NO fashion sense!)

All the fancy vegan blogs I visit have incredible recipes and suggestions. I wanted to jump on that and be the Vegan Princess I knew I could be, but there is one thing in my way. I'm lazy...and I don't really cook....well, I do, but I learned from my dad. His way of cooking is throwing everything into a pot and calling it goulash. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT GOULASH IS? Here I googled it for you.

Since I have only been a vegan for roughly a year, I haven't really experimented too much and I tend to make the same dishes I would have if I was a meat/dairy eater, but have just cut the meat/dairy out. The last thing I made was a lasagna. I threw some stuff together and in the process probably clogged a few arteries.

(meat is replaced with ground round and cheese is Daiya)

A little secret - just because I'm vegan it doesn't necessarily mean I eat healthy. Right now I'm blaming the winter spring we are having...I need comfort food. Well, I don't need it but I'm damn well going to eat it!

Oh I also made a whole wheat Banana Bread. I use the PPK recipe and it was delish!

So I'm going to try to experiment more and cook more and bake more and complain more..I mean less and eat better! I say I don't have a lot of time, but I do find my butt on the couch watching The big C and the L word - gawd I love Showtime! More baking/cooking less TV watching! Amen

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