Monday, July 9, 2012

Portland for the weekend!

A few friends and I went to Portland this past weekend to celebrate a friends stagette. We had a great time and we laughed our asses off.

I was pretty excited to go (besides to hang out with these chickitas) because Portland is VERY vegan friendly. Except for a temporary insanity breakdown of getting McDonald's fries..(ugh, why?!?!) I had some pretty amazing food.

The first stop was in Seattle. I can't remember the restaurant.. but it was a cute small bar-ish place that had a lot of meat options. I just called the waitress over and asked what I could eat and she told me that the soup of the day was vegan (Mushroom, kale and navy bean), so I had that and a house salad and some bread. It was lovely!

We got to Portland quite late, so we just crashed, but the next day we went to Jam Cafe and Arthouse on Hawthorne. It had some vegan breakfast options that were so yummy. I had the El Beardo, because..well, it had 'beard' in the title.

 Tofu scramble, hashbrowns and vegan marble rye toast with vegan butter. Noms.

This was our waiter. He was AWESOME. He picked up on our moods/attitudes and ran with it. Sarcasm full tilt. We asked him a  few questions and he said.."I'm not google, look it up yourself' (or something to that effect) so we aptly and affectionately called him "Google" from that point on.

After shopping for a bit we ducked into a pub and had hummus, pita and veggies. Oh and beeeeer.

The next stop was Voodoo Doughnuts. OMG yum. I forgot what doughnuts tasted like. Let's just say I'm in trouble. I'm going to be a 300 pound vegan pretty soon. Kind of defeats the purpose.

 The above is a 'Fruit cake' doughnut with flake coconut. I also got a 'Triple chocolate penetration' don't ask, but it was gooooood. It had coco puffs on top. I wanted to get 'Cock and Balls' but they were all out...I wonder why.

nom nom nom.

 We found this while shopping. Tofu would totally win, yo.

I had to take a picture of this. WTF? Seriously lady.. I also love hanging dead corpses over my shoulder too. I have plenty of words for this, but I will spare you all.

 Dinner was at Pok Pok. It was AMAZING! I had the 'Khao Soi' (Curry noodle soup) and a 'Hunny' which is fresh squeezed grapefruit juice with lime, som honey drinking vinegar and tequila. Oh good god. I was really full.

After that we rolled ourselves over to Dig a Pony for tequila shots and mayhem. And by mayhem I mean sitting in a booth and being complete idiots by having moonwalk competitions and taking pictures of the worst duckface impression. Oh guys...too funny. I'm not going to share those pictures and embarrass my friends..because I actually don't own the camera they were taken on...DAMN!

The next day we got up a bit late and headed out. I had to pick up a few things that I need for Burning man, and one of my friends had to bring some art to a gallery in Seattle, so we ended up taking quite a while to get home. We ate left overs from Saturday mornings breakfast and for lunch we stopped at Green lake in Seattle and ate Burritos by the lake! GREAT WEEKEND!

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